Hey there, Mom Boss!

Are you ready to take control of your time and

grow your business?

Can you be both a mom and a successful entrepreneur?

Have you ever wondered:

*why you’re so busy but nothing seems to be done?

*if you’ll ever be fully present with your family (without thinking about your to-do list)?

*if there will be a time you can sit down just to focus on growing your business?  


It is possible...to be an entrepreneur who is successful in business and living a full personal life!


It is possible...to run your own business AND be a mom, without frantically juggling tasks!


It is possible...to rock your business AND motherhood, all while taking care of yourself and having fun!


Want to find out how? You're in the right place!  

What Others are Saying...

Working with Cassie has been great! She is able to be independent and run with my projects while still ensuring that its done in the spirit of my vision. She has done everything from setting up systems, creating marketing materials, improving my social media profiles, improved my current website and made an additional one. What I enjoy most is having her offer to do some task that I had been dreading. She makes my life easier and my business more productive.
~Tiffany Thoen
Coach Tiffany, RN
Cassie is driven, determined, conscientious and professional.  Somehow she balances this with kindness, sincerity, understanding and forethought.  Cassie is an out of the box thinker.  Her skills surrounding technology are only surpassed by her ability to know who and what a person needs.  Cassie can manage your clients, organize your business, and design a website-all in one sitting.  I highly recommend working with Cassie at Righter Professional Services.
~Randee Onion