It’s 5am and your alarm goes off.  Do you a) jump out of bed and get started with your day or b) hit the snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep (then repeat this process 3-4 times)?  While rising early is something I strive for, my #reallife answer to this question is something like “Well…I set my alarm to wake up early everyday, but I’m answering ‘b’ at least half of the week.”  

Rising Early as a Mompreneur

How about you? Are you an early riser?

There was a time in my life when I could answer ‘a’ confidently. But this was a time when I had a job that I had to punch in and out. I was actually required to be somewhere at a specific time.  This built in schedule made it easier to have an early morning habit.

So, what’s happened?  I’m now a mompreneur working from home.  The only person I have to answer to on a daily basis is myself and my 14 month old son.  So, I’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping in a bit later.

While this seems like a perk of working for yourself, what I’ve found is that on days when I am able to get out of bed, workout and get ready, all before 8:30am, I am MUCH more productive throughout the day.  Why is this? Well…I’ve found that:

  1. Staying in my pj’s longer makes me think that I can be leisurely throughout the day.  This is simply NOT true.  Because I’m a solopreneur I am the ONLY one responsible for the success of my company. I need to be working wisely.
  2. The longer I stay in my pj’s the harder it is for me to get things done outside of the house…because as much as I want to be on the “People Spotted at Walmart” social media posts, I just can’t seem to leave my home in my pj’s.

Maybe you’re not in my shoes.  Maybe you do have to actually leave your house to work.  There are still some compelling reasons to get up earlier.

Why Rising Early is Important For Mom Bosses

This week I am continuing my blog post series on habits and focusing on the habit of rising early. Check out last week’s blog post HERE to learn more about how to develop habits. Here is what I’ve found about how rising early leads to success as a mom boss.

According to an article from Forbes online (found here), early risers have been found to get better grades, be more proactive, anticipate problems and minimize them, are better planners, are better at fitting in regular exercise, get better sleep, are more optimistic, have some uninterrupted time to focus, and have more family time. Morning time provides you the most valuable commodity there is: more time.  Now that is something I want more of!

The BEST Uses for Early Morning Time

What is the best use of this morning time, then? According to Laura Vanderkam, productivity expert and author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, it is best used to develop habits around things that are important to you. Including:

  • Things that will make you better in some way, but that aren’t urgent/immediate things.
  • Things that require willpower, but that don’t have to get done. Because those “have to get done” things—those things will get done anyway.
  • Things that require internal motivation (so not watching TV or playing X Box before the kids get up) and that deliver long-term benefits.

Vanderkam suggests that the most successful people use their mornings for nurturing their careers, nurturing their relationships, and/or nurturing themselves.

In this interview with Tim Ferriss, author of the Four Hour Work Week, he describes his morning routine as meditating, then brewing some tea, listening to some good music, and completing his 5-Minute Journal.

It’s interesting because Ferris states that he gets up at 6:30am which is early for him, but he doesn’t believe is actually very early.  This brings up another interesting point, that early is relative.  For me early is 4:30am (the time I am striving for) but for another person, in a different season of life, maybe 8:00am is early.  The time doesn’t matter as much as the use of the time.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

What will you do with extra morning time?  Will you get into a better physical fitness routine?  Will you start music lessons, or write some pages of a novel? I’m personally going to use my morning routine to build a good strength and cardio routine. I’m also going to work on getting back to my creative self by going through a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I’m looking forward to some quiet moments alone to get some ideas flowing for my business as well.

So…tomorrow when that alarm clock goes off, I might not jump out of bed, but I will definitely roll out looking forward to getting in better shape and tapping into my creative energy.

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