So, you’re on board…ready to ride that Pinterest train all the way to the bank. Great!  Let’s talk about pin descriptions.
In the last few weeks I’ve been messing with my pin descriptions to see what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’ve also been doing some research on what makes a pin description effective or not.
When researching it’s easy to find a million blog posts about what has worked for others and what hasn’t, but then I started to find conflicting information.  #nothelpful
So, I thought…why don’t I just go to the source.  So, that’s what I did. You can too if you’d like. Here is the Pinterest for Business Website filled with a ton of information.
The tips in this post about writing effective pin descriptions come primarily from Pinterest (by far the biggest expert on Pinterest—I think) and secondarily from what I’ve read from other bloggers and experienced myself as a Pinner.
Let’s get to it then.
Creating great pin descriptions is essential for searchable content on Pinterest.  Check out this article for 6 tips to writing effective pin descriptions that make your pins stand out.  #pindescriptions #pinteresttips

Why Do You Need Pin Descriptions?

Though Pinterest is primarily a visual platform your pin descriptions are vital to the performance and success of your pins.  Here’s why: without a pin description Pinterest isn’t sure where to put it on their smart feed.  So—make sure you’re writing pin descriptions for every. single. pin.

What Should You Write?

A pin description should be a description of what your article or page is about. When someone clicks on your pin what will they find? That’s what you write about.
Your pin descriptions should NOT be things like “Great pin. Saving for later.” This doesn’t help Pinterest classify your pin.  If it can’t be classified, it’s not going to come up in the smart feed.

How Do I Use Keywords In My Pin Descriptions?

Think of what your target audience would be searching for when this pin comes up.  Use these keywords in your pin description. I try to aim for 3-5 keywords in each description.
When using your keywords try to include them into a written description about what your pin is related to rather than keyword stuffing.  While Pinterest won’t ding you for keyword stuffing like Google will, it just sounds better to put the words in context rather than list them as a string of words.
Don’t worry if you’ve been keyword stuffing, I have been too. However, I have noticed that, if you’ve done this in the past, it’s not terribly detrimental. Your pins still come up in the smart feed, so don’t worry.  BUT, I’m personally changing up how I use keywords moving forward and will be placing them in context as I write my descriptions rather than listing them.

How Long Should My Pin Descriptions Be?

Pinterest allows for descriptions up to 500 words, but not all of those words will be displayed on the pin until a person clicks on the pin.  With this being said, Pinterest uses the entire description to classify your pin in the smart feed, so use as many words as you like.
A final thought on this question is, in my opinion, (and the same thing I used to tell elementary students when they asked how long their writing needed to be) the length doesn’t necessarily matter as long as you include an accurate description that uses good keywords.


Though my research I have found that most bloggers have direct opinions about the effectiveness of using hashtags.  Here is my opinion—it can’t hurt, but be smart.  Here is a direct quote from the Pinterest for Business site:
“Add a few relevant hashtags to your Pins to help people find your content. On Pinterest, hashtags function as broad search terms, and people use them to find trending topics. Unlike on other platforms, Pinterest hashtags aren’t used for jokes, memes or commentary. So for a fashion brand, something like #springfashion would work well—but #ilookterribleinhats wouldn’t.”
So…to review…
Creating great pin descriptions is essential for searchable content on Pinterest.  Check out this article for 6 tips to writing effective pin descriptions that make your pins stand out.  #pindescriptions #pinteresttips

My Top 6 Tips for Writing Effective Pin Descriptions

  1. Writing pin descriptions is essential, so just do it.
  2. Your description should be about the content that your pin is attached to.
  3. Use keywords in your pin description and try to use them in context.
  4. Aim for at least 3-5 keywords per description
  5. Write as much as you need to (up to 500 words) in order to convey a clear description of your content.
  6. If you choose to use hashtags, make sure they are geared toward a broad search term

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Creating great pin descriptions is essential for searchable content on Pinterest.  Check out this article for 6 tips to writing effective pin descriptions that make your pins stand out.  #pindescriptions #pinteresttips
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Have a great pin description that has worked for you in the past? Drop it in the comments below.  Need help with a pin description? Shoot me an email at and we can chat more about it—I’m here to help.


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    Great tips!

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      I’m so glad you found them helpful!

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