I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Tiffany over the last year.  Not only am I a HUGE fan of her as a person, but of her business and message as well.  It has been so awesome to see Tiffany’s business grow and evolve over the past year.  

Tiffany’s message for women to love and accept themselves as they are is so important. I am particularly excited for YOU to read more about Tiffany and how she helps her clients—not only because you can learn a lot from this awesome mom boss about business, but also because I really want you all to hear Tiffany’s message to you as a woman as well.  Enjoy! 

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Tell us a little about your family.

I’m been married to my hubby for 10 years, and we created a blended family. I’m the mom of two 20 year olds…My daughter and my step son. They are both alive and have jobs and don’t live with me so I’d say that’s a success;). My Dad is living with us temporarily as he transitions into retirement. He will be moving in February and I am thrilled to be a complete empty nester! I also have twin 2 year old nephews so I still get the fun of having littles around.

Why did you become a business owner?

At first, I was primarily looking for a way out of my hospital job- I was pretty burnt out. I was also feeling disillusioned with the healthcare system. I felt like I really wasn’t helping people at the level I wanted to be. Out of that pain, I started my journey. Now I’m a business owner for so many reasons!

My own personal story included dieting and struggling with dis- ordered eating from 10 years old on. I also struggled to make myself a priority. When I learned of nurse coaching I knew I’d found my calling. I quickly realized through healing my own relationship with food that teaching Intuitive Eating was my deeper calling within coaching. Once I healed, I realized how much mental and emotional energy women were wasting struggling with food. I felt I must help them also heal their relationship with food so that they could instead spend that mental and emotional energy nourishing themselves. Through healing and nourishing themselves my clients are  be empowered to do more magic in the world.

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs heal their relationship with food so they can stop wasting their precious mental and emotional energy on worring about food. So they can be more nourished and be the most powerful leaders they can be in the world.

What is your biggest success as a Mom Business Owner?

Strangely, the thing that comes to mind is consistency. Building a business takes grit, perseverance, resiliency, faith, and a willingness to grow continually. I have done all of those things consistently for the past several years and I feel like I am finally seeing all of the fruits of my labor. It’s a beautiful thing.

What is one business mistake you’ve made that ended up being helpful in the long run?

I decided to sell skincare against my better judgement and I wasn’t great at it. It lead me to hire a business coach who saw that I was a coach at heart. While I failed at that business, I learned so much and It brought me to where I am today!

What is the best thing about being a mom business owner?

I can have a much greater impact in the world!!

What are your top mom boss tips?

Let go of every single should and judgement swirling in your brainMake your hunger and satisfaction a priority Acknowledge your hard work and celebrate YOU!

What are your top three favorite books?

That’s tough so I’ll stick to the most influential in my life and personal growth and development genre…

What do you really want other mom bosses to know?

It is not your fault that diets don’t work. There is a better way. It is possible to heal your relationship with food through Intuitive Eating. You can finally have satisfaction, balance and FREEDOM in your relationship with food.

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