I swear to you…if I hear one. more. thing. about hustling in my business I am just going to snap. OK.  I might not snap, but really…it’s getting old.  Mama…what does hustle even mean?  Has anyone stopped to look at the actual definition recently…well, I did and here’s what it means: 

These definitions came straight from the Merriam Webster Dictionary, your trusted dictionary since 1928—now online. For the full and complete definitions check out this link for yourself: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/hustle?src=search-dict-hed

Hustle as a Verb

  1. To move something or someone forward hurriedly and forcibly. 
  2. To sell or obtain something from someone in an underhanded way. 
  3. To make a strenuous effort to obtain-especially money or business
  4. To obtain money by fraud or deception 
  5. To engage in prostitution (let’s just not do this one ladies…mmmkay?) 

Hustle as a Noun

  1. Energetic activity
  2. Dishonest plan for getting money

A few Synonyms for Hustle

 drudgeplod, slave, slog, strain, strive, struggle, sweat, toil

Ok…now if you read any of those definitions and/or synonyms and really want hustle to be part of your daily business I’m going to ask you to stop reading right now and follow another mom boss blogger, because you’ll be sadly disappointed by what I’m about to say and really by what I stand for.  

Why did you start your business? 

I don’t know about you, but I did NOT start my business to forcible move something in a hurried way, or to scam people into working with me.  I certainly did not start my business to enter into prostitution…I mean come on…one man is more than enough.  

I started my business for a couple of reasons: 

  1. I needed flexibility to stay at home with my son. I was done with the 9-5.  Or, in my case as a public school teacher 7:30-8:00.  
  2. I wanted to LOVE what I did everyday.  Prior to being a business owner, I went into teaching because I wanted to help. But, there came a time where the practices of the public school system started going against my beliefs about how to educate young children and what kids need to thrive. This disequilibrium made me dislike going to work everyday.  And…no one needs a grumpy 3rd grade teacher.  
  3. I wanted to help people.  As I dove into the business world as a mom I began to learn about the  struggles of a mom boss.  I learned how it felt to believe you HAVE to hustle to get things done. I also learned the solutions to these struggles (spoiler alert: hustling is NOT one of them).  So, I started my business to help other mom bosses, like you, find that balance and freedom to help others, lead their business, and raise their family in a way that brings joy. 

It is my guess that you started your business for the same reasons…to have flexibility to be with your family, to love what you do everyday, and to help other people find solutions to the things that cause them stress and headache.  

Stop with the Side-Hustle 5 Ways to find Joy in your business pin image

5 Ways to Make Progress in Your Business with Joy in Your Heart

So…with all that in mind, let me offer you some alternatives to hustling.  If you want to make quick progress in your business and remain sane, here is what has worked for me: 

  1. Start each day with a mindset of gratitude.  When you start each day thankful for what you have and aware of the abundance in your life it actually makes it easier to give. 
  2. Approach your business with the mindset of a giver not a receiver.  If you start your days thinking: “How can I make more money for me today?” You won’t get very far.  That is the mindset of a hustler.  I suggest starting your days thinking “How can I help my tribe today.”  Remember, you went into business to help people, so put that on your mind first everyday.  
  3. Do the most important thing first.  There is one thing that will move your business forward each day.  It is usually the thing you want to do the least, but it is the most important.  Do that thing FIRST.  
  4. Stop trying to do everything.  You can’t do everything. No one can. So just stop. If you try to do all the things you will end up forcing things, hurrying through things, doing things half-ass, doing unimportant things…translation: you’ll be hustling. Choose the things that matter and will make the most impact and do those things.  Skip the rest. For more on this check out my blog post on The Myth of “Doing-it-All”.
  5. Set boundaries and take care of yourself.  Rest is important. Proper self-care is important.  Doing everything that everyone wants you to do is NOT important. Start thinking about where your boundaries are and protecting the things that matter to you. The rest can go. You can check out my live video about setting boundaries as a form of self-care in the Moms Making an Impact Group HERE

In other words, please stop hustling.  I want you to find balance and joy in your journey as a mom boss. It is possible. You can do it.  

What will you do this week to slow down and take intentional action?  Comment below! I can’t wait to hear.  

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