Any goal worth working on is going to get HARD. So, I wanted to touch base with four tips to help keep you on track when the shiz gets real.  Cuz…it’s gonna! 

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Moving on to the 4 tips….

4 Tips to Stay True To Your Goals

1. Mindset is Key

Your head is where everything begins.  Literally, the thoughts you think affect how you feel. They affect your behaviors.  The saying “whether you think you can or you can’t you’re right” may be cliche, but it is TRUE.  

So, working on your mindset is the number one way you’re going to remain focused and energetically working on your goals.  

2. Small Consistent Changes Make More of a Difference Than ONE Big Action

It is a rare occasion when someone finds great success by doing just one big thing.  

Right? Like I can’t even think of one example of this being the case for anyone. 

It will take small consistent steps to grow your business. Creating new bite size chunks of content each week, as an example, will get you much much farther than just launching right into a course.  

3. Accountability is Key

There has to be some way you’re being held accountable. Personally, I’m NOT good at holding myself accountable. I will always take second seat to others if it’s up to me, which means that my goals will fall by the wayside.  

I’m working on it.  But by being aware I can set up supports to help me. My accountability team includes my hubs, life coach and a business coach.

4. Celebrate the Small Successes AND Failures

Celebrate the small things that are happening along the way.  Just like there is no one big thing you can do to create lasting success toward meeting your goals, there is also not usually one big success point. Typically, there are many smaller successes that lead you meeting your goals.  Celebrate them all.  

Also, celebrate your failures.  Yes…you heard me right.  This goes back to the mindset piece a bit, but start looking at your failures as learning points.  Also, when you fail you actually win because you’ve narrowed the path just a slight bit more.  By learning what doesn’t work you’re one step closer to learning what will.  

What Goals? 

The thing is, unless you actually set goals none of this is relevant. I don’t mean saying you want something.  We all want something.  I mean actually getting dirty and setting some challenging goals that will change you.  

Setting goals is the number one thing you can do to start working toward success.  If you don’t take the time to actually set the goals you will be right where you are today next month or next year.  

Where Do You Start? 

If you’re new to goal setting or need some help setting goals that you will actually achieve I’d love to invite you to my Live Online Goal Setting Workshop on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 6pm-8pm PST. You can register here! 

I can’t wait to see you there! 

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