What is the ONE thing that you really want in your business?  I mean badly.  Go ahead…write it down. 

Now…why haven’t you achieved this yet?  Write that down too.  

My guess is that you haven’t achieved this one thing yet because of fear. Am I right? 

Why We Don’t Reach Our Goals

Most of the time when we haven’t acted on something that is important to us it is because of fear. We might not realize it, it might be disguised as money or time. In reality, those are based on fear also…don’t worry, I’ll explain. 

It’s Time to Start Living Brave

But, it’s time to start living brave if you’re going to love life.  Living in fear will keep you stuck.  It will keep you in the exact place you are now.  Those dreams you have…kiss them goodbye if you continue to choose to live out of fear.  

So, let’s look at, what I’ve found, to be the three main types of fear that prevent us from pursuing what we REALLY want.  These are the top three things I hear consistently from clients when they tell me why they aren’t moving forward.  

3 Types of Fear Holding You Back

Fear of Failure

What it is: Fear of failure is just that, fearing that you will fail at your goals. We enjoy doing things that we are good at because they are usually easy for us and we succeed.  But, when something gets challenging the fear of failure rears it’s ugly head.  

Truth: If you want to find true success and make some big changes you WILL fail.  It’s going to happen.  So you need to make peace with it now so that you can embrace it when it happens.  

Change Your Thinking: In order to embrace failure, you simply need to change how you view it.  Instead of thinking about it as a big scary thing start looking at failure as a learning experience.  

By viewing failure as a learning experience not only can you banish your fear surrounding failure, but you will probably embrace failure and start seeking it.  Or at least I hope you do.  

Yes…I HOPE you seek failure.  Why? Because it means you’re doing hard things and hard things are the ONLY things that will help you grow.  If you’re not failing you’re not growing.  

So go fail.    

Fear of Wasting Money

What it is: Money is our source of survival in the modern age.  It pays our bills, it keeps the heat and water on, and it provides us with food and clothing.  Because of this, our lizard brain (our amygdala), immediately sends signals of not surviving when the subject of spending money comes up. 

Money is our source of survival in the modern age.  It pays our bills, it keeps the heat and water on, and it provides us with food and clothing.  Because of this, our lizard brain (our amygdala), immediately sends signals of not surviving when the subject of spending money comes up. 

When you think about spending money your lizard brain is saying: if you spend this money, you might not be able to pay the bills.  

Truth: If you want to move forward in life and business it is not unusual that a financial investment is required. Generally, there are things that are outside of your expertise in business that need to be handled, so it requires a financial investment so that you can grow your business.  

Change Your Thinking: In order to make money you will need to spend some money. So, when you think of spending money to pursue a dream or grow your business, start thinking of it as an investment in your future success, happiness, and vitality.  

Fear of Wasting Time

What It Is: Time is the only real finite resource we have.  Most of us feel that we don’t have enough. In fact, I’ve never met someone who thinks they have too much time.  We all have busy lives and so when something comes up that will require a time investment there is a fear that we will not have enough time to do the things we already have on our plate. 

Truth: In reality, most of us waste a good deal of time on things that are not related to our future success.  Here are a few common time sucks: social media, Netflix/TV, checking email constantly, responding to requests immediately, multi-tasking (results in huge amounts of wasted time).  

Change Your Thinking: The way to change your thinking about time is to consider your priorities.  What do you REALLY care about? Then make sure you spend time taking care of that thing first.  You will NEVER be able to do everything.  

Let me say that again

You will NEVER be able to do everything.  

The longer you hold onto the belief that you need to accomplish every.single.thing. on your “to-do” list the longer you will put off achieving your goals because you think there is no time to invest in them.  Trust me, there is time. You just have to make the time by identifying and focusing on your priorities.  

If you’re looking for some easy ways to get over this fear, check out my free guide: Defeat Overwhelm: 5 Ways to Skyrocket Your Productivity. 

You Can Live Brave

The fact is, you have done brave things before. If you are running your own business…you’ve acted bravely by making the choice to pursue your dreams.  If you’re a parent, you’ve acted bravely in opening your heart and being willing to love and raise another human being.  If you’ve ever gotten out of bed when you feel like you just can’t, you’ve acted bravely.  

You see bravery is NOT the absence of fear, it is the embracing of fear and acting anyway.  You are brave.  

You’ve Got This

So, ladies, let’s stop being afraid to fail, afraid to spend money, or afraid to spend time doing things that matter to us.  Let’s step out on a limb and start living our dreams.  No one else will do it for us.  The choice to live bravely is up to us.  So…let’s get after it. 

Let me know…what brave choices are you making this week?  What is one thing that you will do to move forward and reach your dreams? Let me know in the comments below.  

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