Welcome to the pilot episode of the Moms Making an Impact Podcast! If you are a mom who craves or already has something that’s in between a 9-5 and being a homemaker — a business from home that sets your soul on fire — you’re in the right place. This is a podcast for mompreneurs–just like you!

Navigating the journey as a mompreneur doesn’t have to be daunting. Join me each week where I, along with some occasional guest industry experts, will share information to help you grow, or scale your business no matter what stage you are in.

In this episode I’m sharing:

  • My own journey into momentrepreneurship
  • Our adoption story
  • What the real meaning of failure is, and how it can help you grow
  • How I transferred my passion for teaching and supporting other women from a successful VA business to a thriving coaching practice, where I help other women grow, scale, or even start their own businesses that light them up

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