You’ve heard that you need to be visible and vulnerable in your online business. But if you’ve been struggling to figure out just how to do that, you’re going to love this episode where I am talking with visibility specialist and celebrity maker, Brielle Cotterman.

Brielle’s specialty is helping women to find and own their breakthrough stories, get vulnerable, and get visible to skyrocket their businesses.

About Brielle: 

Brielle Cotterman is a Publicity Expert and Celebrity-Maker. She is a survivor of attempted murder and domestic violence, and a mother of two. She is an advocate for a world where domestic violence is not acceptable and survivors are met with empathy. For the better part of the last decade, she has helped her clients by ghost authoring books, crafting wildly successful speaking tours, and garnering tons of publicity opportunities, all while helping them to create their dream careers & get the 4C’s: Credibility, Celebrity, Clients, and Cash. 

Get a notebook, grab a pen, and let’s get to it!

In this episode we’re sharing:

  • How to gain more visibility by sharing your story
  • Brielle’s amazing personal story and how she overcame her own fear of vulnerability to fulfill her own dream and help many others to do the same
  • How to manage the balance between being vulnerable yet professional in your business
  • What components to apply to your own breakthrough story and where to share it
  • Brielle’s top 3 tips to help you get to start getting visible RIGHT NOW

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