MMI 07: How Boundaries and Self Care are Linked

Episode 07: How Boundaries and Self Care are Linked Blog Cover

Self-care. It’s a buzz word lately and it seems like everybody is talking about it. It’s something that we all need, but many of us mom entrepreneurs struggle to balance it along with business and family time.

In fact, balancing it all is the #1 struggle I hear from mompreneurs. (For more on balance, hop back to listen to episode 03: Is Balance Possible?)

Self-care doesn’t have to be a scary or confusing word, and in today’s episode I’m going to break it down for you in easy, actionable steps so that you can incorporate more self-care and use boundaries to help find the balance you are really looking for.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing:

  • How self-care and boundaries are linked
  • What happens to balance when you aren’t taking care of yourself
  • My definition for self-care
  • How to keep self care from being just another thing on your to do list
  • How seemingly innocent acts of self care can turn into unhealthy habits 
  • The questions to ask yourself about your self-care routine
  • My personal story of my evolving self care routine and my current morning routine
  • 4 criteria to ensure your self-care routine is working for you
  • And the #1 thing you absolutely need to do to be successful at self-care
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