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What happens when you’re doing all the things, but not getting the results? What reasons are holding you back from not getting those dreamy clients you so badly want?

In this episode, I dive into how our thoughts and actions turn into beliefs that are holding us back from landing our dream clients and generating the revenue we know we are capable of.

Here are a few highlights

  • How thoughts and actions create feelings which in turn for beliefs we tell ourselves
  • Having the right habits can be useful
  • Examples of the ways how we hold ourselves back due to things we have been told in the past
  • What happens when we don’t take action
  • Prioritizing our thinking
  • My new group coaching program: Master Your Mindset

Let’s dive in!

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  • -“My thinking was way off”
  • – “It goes like this; first you have a thought, then you have an emotion or feeling about that then that forms a belief”
  • – “Our reality is a result of our actions and choices’
  • – “Because we are unaware of this happening at a subconscious level, so most of our actions are being taken by thoughts that we are not aware of.”
  • – “What we are thinking ultimately affects our reality”

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