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If you ever find yourself overwhelmed and confused when it comes to legalities in the online business world, this episode is for you. Legal protection isn’t the most exciting subject but it so important as an entrepreneur to protect yourself and your business with the right precautions. 

In this episode I’m talking with Christy Westerfeld about some of the most important things to be aware of when owning your own business online. We also dive into what it looks like for her to be mompreneur and how she started her own business while pregnant with her first child. 

About Christy

Christy Westerfeld, Esq. is an attorney and legal resource for online entrepreneurs and coaches. She helps savvy business women cut through the confusion and overwhelm of legal and create an easy and affordable plan of action to legally protect their websites and businesses. Christy firmly believes life is not meant to be lived in a windowless office in a job you don’t like. We are born with passions, interests, talents, and dreams, and somewhere along the way, many of us lose sight of these. The best part of Christy’s job is that she gets to help women following these passions and dreams learn how to protect what they’re working hard to build, so they can build empires knowing they have taken steps to legally protect themselves and their business. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Christy chasing after her toddler while 39 weeks pregnant (which is hilarious), or binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”

In this episode we’re talking about

  •  Making the shift from the employee mindset to the business owner mindset.
  •  How to maintain balance with young kids and work. 
  •  Feeling guilty as a mom, wanting to be home with your kids but needing help with childcare. 
  • The things that are needed to protect your website. 
  • What is GDPR and why do we need to be concerned about it.  
  • The difference in “Terms and Conditions” vs “Terms of Use”

Let’s get to it!

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  • “If you’re a new mom, or you’re pregnant, or you’re  worrying about something like that. I think just do it and at some point you’ll look back and laugh.”
  • “I love being a mom, but I also love being an attorney and I love being a business owner, I love working and that’s OK too.”
  • “You can be skating along just fine, and thinking well its not a big deal, I’ve been in business for six months and nothings happened. It’s not a big deal until it is, then its a really big deal.”

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