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Did you know you can easily repurpose a lot of your content in your business? Want to know how? Join me today as I talk with Expert Content Repurposer, Kendall Patton, all about how to save time and sanity by repurposing your content.

About Kendall

Kendall is a mom of 3 (2 boys, 1 girl), wife to 1, owner of MiOrgan Content Creation Services, homeschooler, crocheter, DIYer, adventurer, and so much more!

As an Expert Content Repurposer, her primary goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners maximize their content to increase their visibility, reach, and consistency so they can maximize their time, energy, and content!

She does this through done for your services and will soon be launching a program designed specifically for VAs to learn how to efficiently & effectively repurpose the content on their clients as well.

This episode is for you if you want to learn

  • What content actually is (it’s more than you think!)
  • The simplest and fastest ways to repurpose your content
  • How to write content while maintaining your voice
  • Simple ways you can use a VA to help you repurpose your content
  • Kendall’s favorite methods to reignite your content in a whole new way

Let’s dive in!

Connect with Kendall

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Connect with Cassie

Loving the Podcast?


  • “Content is all of the things that have ever happened to us.”
  • “Business is life and life is business”
  • “Give people a hook to pay attention; something that they’ll remember when they think of what you taught them.”
  • “Everything that you learned in school about writing, I’m gonna ask you to literally forget it.”
  • “We can edit ourselves out of our content and if we edit ourselves out of our content then we are just blowing hot air.”

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