MMI 19: Keeping Healthy Relationships as a Business Owner with Kari Vazquez

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Is running your business draining? Have you found that you’ve gotten sucked into the exclusion of the people around you? We’ll ladies, you need to hear this episode where we’re talking all about how to keep those relationships in your life healthy while you run your business. 

Pull up a seat and join me in my conversation with Relationship Coach Kari Vazquez where we talk about relationships in general and also about the relationship you have with yourself. 

Meet Kari

Kari is a Wife, Mom, Grandmom, and a Relationship Coach.  Kari started her coaching firm, Passion 4 Visions, LLC in 2015, with a focus on transforming the lives of women, relationships, and human relations in businesses.  After 20 years of working in Corporate America and Small Family-Owned Businesses, in areas of Office/Human Resource Management and Law, she decided it was time to start impacting lives on a higher level.

Kari’s passion for transforming lives, rebuilding relationships/marriages, families, and saving marriages from divorce; is what drives her hunger for coaching clients.  Having gone through a divorce, with 4 children, and struggling in her second marriage after having her 5th child; she knows first hand the devastation broken relationships bring.  Today she and her husband are more in love than ever before. 

Her coaching focuses on transforming the mind, body, heart, and soul of people and businesses, in order to provide lasting change to her clients.  

Let’s dive in!

Connect with Kari

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Connect with Cassie

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Quotes from the Episode

  • Cassie: (referring to husband) “What if you took away all your expectations? Then you would be pleasantly surprised.” 
  • Kari: “You need to speak, you need to communicate, you need to tell people, “hey, I would love it if you could do x,y,z.”
  • Kari: “I started to realize I need to get rid of expectations.” 
  • Kari: “When I love without condition, I remove those expectations.” 
  • Cassie: “It’s freeing to let go of your expectations.” 
  • Cassie: “I’ve started to let go of my expectations of results that I’m seeking, the relationship that I have with my goals with my business.”
  • Kari: “When you give yourself grace, it allows you to extend that to other people much easier.” 
  • Cassie: “What if I started viewing conflict as a growing opportunity to build a stronger relationship?”
  • Cassie: “Entrepreneurship has helped me grow in so many ways more than just a business, it’s really helped me with self-reflection.”
  • Kari: “When we can love that financial check-in, we can reach a whole other level of abundance not just in numbers but in our relationship.”

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