MMI 20: How Self-Confidence Improves Your Business with Kim Ludeman

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Today’s episode is a MUST hear if you are a woman who is or has struggled with self confidence. We’re digging deep with Kim Ludeman, a Confidence Coach, about confidence, your beliefs, the pressure society puts on the female body and so so much more. You’re not going to want to miss this.  

As a Confidence Coach, Kim Ludeman doesn’t just help women feel good.

Meet Kim

With more than 10 years of health & fitness experience, she’s obsessed with creating lasting change. Kim gets her clients to stop hiding and live the life they WANT rather than one they think they SHOULD (she also created and hosts her own podcast, coordinates a private Facebook group, and offers individual and group coaching under her company Captivatingly Confident).

Kim utilizes a blend of Personal Styling, Nutrition Guidance, Mindset Coaching, and Personal Training to help women reveal their radiance.

Kim found a passion for helping women stop hiding after losing her mom to cancer when Kim was 19. Her message of body and self-acceptance has moved thousands of women into taking a more loving approach to their bodies and hearts.

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Tim. Off-hours Kim can usually be found hiking with their 5-year-old Louis and obsessing over all varieties of mustard.

Let’s dive in!

Connect with Kim

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Connect with Cassie

Loving the Podcast?


  • Kim quote “you have such a beautiful body, let’s work with it so the you can feel confident on the outside while we work on confidence on the inside”
  • Cassie quote “the way you present yourself to the world, impacts how you behave in the world”
  • Cassie quote “diets fail you, you don’t fail them”
  • Kim quote “what you look for you will find”
  • Cassie Quote “if you’re not confident in you, you’re not going to be able to do anything in your life as good as you could be doing it if you were confident in yourself”
  • Kim Quote “successful people, have people, that are helping them”
  • Cassie Quote “if you can’t show up for yourself, how can you show up for your clients?”
  • Kim Quote “be you, bravely”

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