Episode 2: How to Use Evaluation Tools to Get the Best Results From Your Clients

Episode 2: How to Use Evaluation Tools to Get the Best Results From Your Clients cover image

Do you use evaluations in your management or coaching practice? If you haven’t yet implemented them or are feeling like the ones you have in place aren’t as effective as you’d like them to be, you are going to love this episode. Today I’m diving into how exactly to create and use evaluation tools as a leader so that you can ensure you are helping those you lead to get the best possible results.

Today’s episode is for you if you want to learn

  • Why evaluations are absolutely essential for leaders, regardless of if you are in the corporate space or an entrepreneur
  • The missed opportunity I find with many online coaches with group coaching programs
  • How you can tell exactly what results your team or clients are getting
  • Why cookie cutter evaluation systems and tools don’t work
  • The 3 types of evaluations you should have in place when leading a team or clients
  • How to create evaluations for your group coaching program so that you can not only better serve your clients, but get rocking testimonials as well
  • Tips for running your group coaching program to help your clients get the best successes, and how to know when you need to tweak your program
  • The 3 questions Chris Hogan recommends you regularly ask those you lead so that you can build better relationships with them and get better results
  • And so much more!

Let’s dive in!

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Loving the Podcast!


  • “Tests are the most common way we are taught to be evaluated…And some of us, not all of us, end up attaching our personal value to the test.”
  • “Tests that we grow up with don’t inspire growth.  A truly good evaluation inspires growth even if they are at the top of the scale we are using.”
  •  “Just because somebody is outwardly appearing to do the things we want them to do doesn’t mean they are going to have the results that we are hoping that they would have.”
  • “There’s a problem with knowing something needs to change but not having a way to measure whatever needs to change.”
  • “We can stick our head in the sand or turn to evaluations and use them.”

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