Episode 4: Using Language to Empower Others with Jen Casey

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Today’s episode feels like such a privilege to get to bring to you. I’m talking with Jen Casey all about what it means to be a leader and how brain-based approaches and language can make a huge impact on the success you are seeing from the people you are leading.

Met Jen

Jen Casey is a brain-based business coach, NLP master practitioner, speaker, & host of the top-rated, Inner Boss Podcast. Through her signature program, Programs that Profit, Jen teaches her brain-based, psychology-backed approach to business, she teaches online coaches how to build, sell, & effectively run profitable online coaching businesses.

When Jen isn’t working, you can find her jamming out to Broadway soundtracks, becoming best friends with every dog she meets, & introvert-ing on the couch with her fiancé, Michael.

In today’s episode, we’re diving into

  • What NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is and how it can be used to help you reprogram old stories that may be holding you back from the success you want in life and business
  • How to build a group program that meets the needs of people with all different personality types
  • What’s really behind your difficulty choosing a niche and what to do about it 
  • The finding that was transformational for Jen
  • The belief you have that is actually preventing you from achieving your goals (and how to bust it)
  • And more!

Connect with Jen

Connect with Cassie

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Loving the Podcast!


  • “Stay in your lane, focus on one thing, continue to serve and scale those people at the highest level.” (JC)
  • “What if you decided that you felt successful when you completed your freemium, took care of your body, showed up on LIve, maybe things that you CAN control. Or what if you scratched all of that and just decided that you felt successful just for being you.” (JC)
  • “Changing the way you perceive failure and success is what is actually stopping you from achieving what you want to achieve.” (JC)
  • “Comparison can really be the death of action.” (CR)

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