Episode 5: How to Effectively Communicate So Your Clients Get Results

How to Effectively Communicate So Your Clients Get Results blog cover

Let’s talk about talking! Seriously, effective communication is one of the most important skills you need to have to be a successful leader. Join me today and I share with you the 4 communication principles you need to know to be a great leader and skyrocket the results you are getting from your clients and team.

In today’s episode, I’m diving into:

  • One of the most dangerous things we can do as leaders and how to prevent it
  • The most useful lesson I have learned as a leader
  • How to effectively lead those with different backgrounds than your own
  • The shocking amount of effect the actual words you use to have on your communication
  • The mistake you might be making in communication importance to those you lead and the simple change you can make to inspire them to take more action
  • How to get your people to take action AND take joy in it so that they feel empowered and get better results
  • And more!

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Loving the Podcast!


  • “It’s not the job of the people that I’m leading to understand ME.”
  • “Life isn’t happening TO us, it’s happening FOR us.”
  • “Leaders who effectively get their message across do their research and know their audience.”
  • “Your job is not just to know where you want the people you are leading to go, it’s also to know where they are starting at and then how to bridge the gap between where they are and where we need them to get.”
  • “Just because we know the right words to use….doesn’t mean that our message comes across.”
  • “Don’t make assumptions, ask questions, and get to know your people.”

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