Is Balance Possible as a Leader?

Is Balance Possible as a Leader? Blog Image

Is balance really possible?

There is a lot of debate around whether you can have balance in your life and work, especially as an entrepreneur. I say it is possible, but not in the way some people might think.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing

  • The common meanings of balance, and which one I feel fits us the best as mompreneurs
  • Why I disagree with the term “work-life balance”
  • My top 5 actionable steps that you can take right now to help you keep your life in balance

Let’s dive in!

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Loving the Podcast!


  • “Look at your whole life holistically and not just one day.”
  • “You don’t have time NOT to do a morning routine.”
  • “How are you actually spending your time? Is it aligning with what you really want out of life?”
  • “If you’re a successful business owner you’re going to need help because you can’t do it all.”
  • “We have to get rid of this myth that we have to do it all.”  
  • “You don’t need to be like other people. You need to be like YOU.”
  • “Comparison is actually the root of all of our unhappiness.”

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