Episode 9: How to Amp Up Your Creativity in Your Business with Amy Isaman

How to Amp Up Your Creativity in Your Business with Amy Isaman blog cover

Do you feel stuck when it comes to bringing creativity to your business? Are you being paralyzed by fear from the voice in your head making you feel guilty for allowing yourself to BE creative? We are shattering this belief today and teaching you instead how you can actually AMP UP your creativity and how it benefits your business!

Amy Isaman is joining me today talking about all things creativity, what creativity can do for you personally and how that can help you in your business. 

Met Amy

Amy Isaman is a creativity coach, author, speaker, and podcaster. She teaches women how to connect with and revive their creativity, so they can confidently, consistently, and joyfully create and share their creative gifts with the world. Her mission is to get women’s creative projects out of their heads and hearts and into the world. She does this through coaching, workshops, online programs, retreats, and her podcast.

Today we’re diving into

  • Having the courage to be creative
  • How allowing your brain to reset in a meditative state, can actually bring connections to your ideas and growth to your business
  • Prioritizing time to be present in your moment, and play will bring creative flow and productivity

Connect with Amy

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Loving the Podcast!


  • “Business involves a ton of creativity” – Cassie
  • “To be creative in your business is actually to put together something new” – Amy
  • “Creativity takes courage” – Elizabeth Gilbert (Big Magic)
  • “So much of creativity is just really allowing yourself to play” – Amy
  • “it takes a concerted effort to create time and space for thinking, for creating, for brainstorming” – Amy

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