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So many of us are stuck waiting for permission or validation when we just need to go for it. It’s time to stop justifying what we are doing and having confidence in ourselves. In this episode, Sheng Herr is sharing how she had to go against what her culture and parents expected of her and embody what she wanted for her own kids. 

Met Sheng

Sheng Herr, a business strategist, is passionate about showing service-based entrepreneurs how to take their businesses online and how to grow from a local business to having clients worldwide.

Raised in the Hmong culture, which has many limiting rules and expectations of women, Sheng has boldly stepped out of the boundaries of a Hmong woman! She is on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs to have it all! 

In this episode, we are diving into

  • What inspired her to go against not only her parents but her culture to find her own way.
  • Why do we have to stop waiting for permission?
  • Her thoughts on life balance with being a mompreneur. 
  • Her bold advice to the mom just starting out on their entrepreneur journey. 

Let’s do this!

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Loving the Podcast!


  • “I just did it, I learned not to ask permission, I learned to just do it because if I asked permission it was already wrong.”
  • “If I sought for approval, I was never going to get anywhere.” 
  • “There’s never going to be a time where 9-12 I’m a mom 12 to this… it’s not. It’s about understanding what your balance is, your boundaries are. You don’t need to pick either-or.” 
  • “Just find what is balance with you, your husband, and your family and that’s all that matters. “
  • “Learn to answer with close-ended answers” 
  • “Don’t give a fuck what anyone says. If you have a balance for your family, your kids, and your life, just go for it.”  
  • “Being an entrepreneur has helped me become a better mom, cause I’m able to offer so many things that I wasn’t able to offer.”

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