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Here’s me during this quarantine when it’s dinner time:

“Hmmm, what should I cook for dinner?”

I run through all the options available, then think:

“I’m too tired to cook” or
“I’ve got some work to do still, I don’t have time.” or

“I had a long day and now it’s too late to cook something, I’ll just order some pick up” or maybe…

“It’s quarantine, I need a some time for me, and that means I don’t have to cook.”

Inevitably I don’t cook a single thing and order something to pick up (“Hey, gotta support the economy in some way.”)

The Power of Excuses

The thing is that we LOVE excuses when they are convenient and they lead to something we want—like NOT cooking dinner.

But we tend to overlook the fact that we make excuses all the time when we need to do something that might feel uncomfortable at the time so that we can reach an outcome we’ve been working toward.

Let’s say that we know hiring some help in our business will propel us to the next level. Whether that is hiring a VA, a business mentor, a copy expert….we come up with excuses to NOT help ourselves.

“I don’t have the money for that right now.”
“I can save money by doing this on my own.”
“If they can do [fill in the blank] then so can I–I don’t need to pay for help.”
“I don’t know how to find the right person.”
“Hiring someone and on-boarding them will take so much time.”
“My husband doesn’t see why I need to add this to my business.”

Literally there are as many excuses as there are people.

You know what excuses are?


The good news is that we can start to re-write the stories we tell ourselves.

Becoming a Magician

I had the immense pleasure of talking with Business Mentor and Manifestation Expert Sara Drury all about using your inner magic to re-write your story and have whatever you want in business (and life).

In our interview Sara and I discussed:
*The importance of self-love
*Sara’s Four-Phase Business Manifestation Magik Process (find out more HERE)
*How to live at cause instead of effect to have the business of your dreams.
*Conscious manifesting

A New Consciousness

You definitely want to check out this interview because no matter if you’re aware or not, you’re a manifesting guru…you just have to know how to harness your brainpower to create the life you WANT.

So…let’s take all those creative excuses we use to get what we want and start using them in place of the ones that are holding us back.

Comment below with one big take-away from my interview with Sara.

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