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My kid is like, the literal best. He is funny, kind, smart, energetic, strong, and soaks up new things like a sponge. Did I mention he’s funny…because seriously we laugh a lot around here. 

My kid also has pretty much every known food allergy, is considered “underweight” by his doctors, has been in the NICU, the PICU, and had three ER visits and two ambulance rides by the time he was 20 months old.  

Needless to say, I’m well acquainted with the western medical system after working with a team of general pediatrician, allergist, GI specialist, dietician, nutritionist, and speech therapist.  They all have concerns about his weight and tell me, any chance they get, about how worried they are.  

AND…no one, not one, of these professionals can tell me what impact his current weight is having on his health, how growing slowly (yes he IS growing) will have long term effects, or (and this is the real kicker) how to help him gain weight more quickly (aside from pushing more calories—ummmm…duh). 

Why am I telling you this?  

Because, when you start telling people about the “problems” in their life, in their business, their health, their relationships…you’d better be prepared to tell them: 

  • how this problem is affecting their overall well-being
  • how solving this problem will contribute to a better quality of life
  • how to go about solving the actual problem.  Like…you know…a plan. 

How does this relate to your group coaching program? 

Well, it’s important when you’re speaking to the challenges that your ideal client is facing you have a deep understanding of how this impacts them and how their life would be better if this challenge was no longer there.  

AND…it’s extremely important that you have an actual plan to help them.  

When I say plan here’s what I DON’T mean….

A list of topics related to their challenge which you prepare a video and PDF for and then sell to them.  

That is not a plan.  

Here’s what I DO mean when I say a plan…

  • A unique and systematic way to lead them from where they are now to where you’re promising they will be after your program. 
  • A way to measure that your unique and systematic way is actually helping them get to the promised result. 
  • Help when they get stuck (uhhh, Hey Dr. You told me to give him more food and now it’s just sitting on his plate…how can I get him to eat the food??? No answer on this yet, when I get it I’ll share for all you toddler parents out there). 
  • A way to deliver your system so that people from all different backgrounds and different learning preferences can understand and integrate. 
  • A way to inspire and empower clients to take actual action. To do the damn thing. This is NOT guaranteed and it’s where the “coaching” in group coaching program comes in.  

Look at it this way, do you want to be yet another branding specialist in a sea of branding specialists, another business coach in a sea of business coaches, another health coach in a sea of health coaches or….

Do you want to be the go to expert that…

  • Helps your clients live a life of energy and vitality after breaking free from their struggle with binge eating
  • Give women the tools to build a 6 figure business while working at home with their kids. 
  • Delivers businesses a method for designing a head-turning brand that promotes instant recognition and builds a base of raving fans

Be the expert that knows the inside and outside of the problem, the light on the other end, has the actual plan to help clients get to the other side, and provides support to get there. 

You’ve got this.

And if you’re feeling like you need a bit of help, hit me up. I’m here to fill this process with ease and (dare I say) fun.  

I’m going to go try and get my kid to eat some vegan/nut-free cheese, peaches, and chicken now….while we make silly faces, laugh, and enjoy a meal together.

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