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Here’s what happened.  Somehow the FB algorithm (or perhaps God/the Universe giving me a content idea) decided I needed to see a post in my timeline from a group that I can’t even recall joining. 

So, I read the post. I mean it *was* on my newsfeed…so it *must* be relevant right? 

Here’s what it said: “What do you think is the main reason a coach doesn’t have a thriving business?”

One of the responses: “Because they spend 80% of their time focusing on becoming a better coach and only 20% of their time on marketing.” 

When I read that statement I had to do a double take. So…I read it again. 

Yes…this person was saying (and many others echoing this sentiment) that the problem was they were spending their time serving their clients better by honing their skills.  


Now, before you get all “marketing is how a business runs” on me…don’t worry.  I’m NOT here to tell you that marketing isn’t important.  It is.  

BUT taking 80% of your time?  I don’t think so. 

You want to know how to market with more ease and simplicity? Focus on becoming the coach that gets actual results for their clients and the $$ and more clients will follow.  

That’s how it works.  

Then you can spend 90% of your time working on honing your craft and helping your clients and 10% of your time managing your team who is taking care of the rest of the stuff–you know like the marketing expert you hired to take care of the marketing plan for you. 

I am D.O.N.E. with the industry message that we need to just sell sell sell.  

Yes, we do need to sell…we are business owners. AND  it doesn’t have to be so frantic. It’s actually a process that is filled with ease when you have a program that helps your clients get actual kick ass results (you know, the one’s you’ve promised them).  

So, what if instead of focusing on the money, we let the money be the byproduct of serving our clients really well and shifted our focus there?

What if we built a thriving business off of helping our clients thrive instead of spending 80% of our time marketing? 

You know what would happen if we stopped *trying* so hard to get new clients and instead used that energy to focus on helping our existing clients get the results we’ve promised them?  We’d get more clients. That’s what. 

Marketing challenge solved. 

So…you know what I think is the difference between a coach with a thriving business and a coach with a struggling business?  

A coach with a struggling business is focused on getting more clients and more money and not on serving their existing clients well.  

Nurture what you have and growth will happen.  

So tell me, what are you doing to serve your existing clients well this week? 

How can I serve you better?  I hope you’ll let me know.

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