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I sent out an email talking about looking for different perspectives on your group coaching program….if you haven’t seen it you can check it out HERE.

The point of the original post is that in order to effectively determine what is going on in your group program and where the holes are you need a new perspective.  

I wanted to share this follow up because one place I know that all of us white people (me included) need to take the blindfold off is how we, as leaders, in our programs are addressing the racial inequality in our world and promoting racial equality in our groups.  

There have been some alarming events in the past that are not new, but just different iterations of the same old shit BIPOC have been experiencing in this country for far too long. 

And I finally had to look at my own complacency with past events that have, in fact, made me complicit in what is happening today. 

I’ve had to look at my own silence and consider how I can be silent when these things continue to happen. 

I’ve had to recognize how I have been protected in my bubble of white privilege and chosen to stay comfortable there for FAR.TOO.LONG. 

I’m done. 

This is not ok. 

Shit needs to change and the only way that can happen is if white people change. Period. 

How does this relate to business you might ask? 

You see, I don’t want my business to just be part of my life, I want it to be fully integrated with my life. I want it to be a reflection of my values and to be how I pursue what I value as important in the world.  This is what full alignment in my business means to me. 

Specifically, what that means to me right now, is that I have a LOT of work to do as a white woman business owner.  

In the past what I’ve noticed as I’ve been exploring my own white privilege is that white women (in particular) are falling short in the fight for racial justice in this country.  Check out this video from Catrice M. Jackson that I found so convicting.

And it made me realize that my role as a privileged white woman, in a leadership position, is to help raise awareness about what is happening, to be intentional in my business decisions with a lens for diversity and inclusivity, to encourage my fellow white sisters to step up with me, and to listen to my sisters of color and HEAR them when they tell us what they need (translation: don’t make assumptions and try to “save” BIPOC..they don’t need our “saving”)

Folks, shit just keeps getting real.  The pain just keeps getting real. And here’s the saddest part of it all, I’m JUST NOW getting on board.  It sure took me a while. BIPOC has been dealing with this shit for far too long without the support of white women (and men for that matter).  

This blindness has to end.  We must stop putting on the blinders and living in our bubble of privilege. 

We must go get uncomfortable…

We must put ourselves out there and realize that people will be asshats and then know that it’s ok…that by us being brave and putting ourselves out to be attacked by the jerks of the world it’s actually shining a light of truth.  It’s allowing us to see, perhaps for the first time, the right path and the right way and SPOILER ALERT: it’s never the easy way.  

Who’s with me? 

If you’re a white woman looking to step up your game, to do better, here are some tools and resources that you may find helpful. 

If you’re a white woman I hope you’ll join me on this journey and to all my sisters of color, I apologize for taking so long to get on board, I’m sorry you have to deal with this shit, and I’m here to do better. 

P.S.  If this bothers you, you have two choices (either is good with me–but I hope you’ll choose #1): 

  1. Lean into what bothered you, get curious about your discomfort with what I’ve said and learn more or feel free to email me with your questions. While I’m not an expert in this area by any means I am striving to be a leader for white women in this area.  
  2. You can unsubscribe.  If you’re not interested in racial equality we are not a match for each other and that’s ok.  I wish you the best.

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