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Something you might not know about me: In my younger years I really wanted to be a lawyer. I actually even applied to law school and got in. 

Being a lawyer always seemed to be a great way to make a difference in the world (and it is–Bryan Stevenson anyone?).  I was so excited when I decided to take the LSAT and apply to school. But when I got in, the excitement was gone.  

All I could think was this: “Do I really want to wear nylons and work 80hrs per week?” 

The clear answer to this was of course, “Hell, no”. Because of nylons.

But I still wanted to make a difference. So, you know what I decided to do?  

Go get my M.Ed. and teach.  

Teachers make a HUGE difference in this world.  

BUT, as it turns out that just meant I’d get to work 80 hours a week in jeans and make ⅓ of the salary.  LOL.  

When I combined the long, trying, frustrating (because dealing with people telling me what to do in my classroom who had NEVER been in a classroom was crazy making) hours with all the bureaucratic B.S. that teachers have to deal with enough became enough and I bounced.  

That decision was the absolute best one for me, AND it left me with a big hole in my heart.  

I want to help people.  Like, in a BIG way.  And a LOT of people.  

I don’t want to go to work or run a business for the sake of bringing in money.  

Let me just say, money is important and we need it to survive. And I really enjoy money. AND…

There are many ways to make money, and a lot of it, by truly helping others.  

Another thing, making money does not motivate me.  What motivates me is seeing someone make HUGE change and improve their life in some way. Whether that is reading fluently and with comprehension in 3rd grade or developing an amazing group program that will help others in a massive way when you’re 45.

Helping people find success is what I love. It’s also how I believe I can help the world become a better place.  

So, after about 3 iterations of my online business I finally found my sweet spot…helping online coaches become world changers themselves by delivering a world class program that helps their clients get kick-ass results and improve their lives.  The ripple effect. 

And even last week I found yet another way that I can help people through my business and that is allowing my business to be a platform for social justice.  Because when you’re a business owner…YOU get to make the choices. 

So here is my question to you? 

  • Do you want to be a world-changer or a moneymaker? 

My answer? BOTH. 

It is my belief that money is simply the byproduct of helping others succeed. The more you help your clients, the more you change the world, the more $$ you’re going to see rolling into your bank account.  

Do you want to make some money?  Change the world for the better. 

Then you know what you can do???

Use all those $$$ to go make an even bigger difference by contributing to organizations that uphold the values you support, by living a life that fully aligns with your values.  

So, are you ready to step fully into your role as a world changer?  That is going to start by serving your clients well. By ensuring that you are fulfilling the promise you made to them when you enrolled them in your program.  

Questions about how to do that?  Book a call with me and ask them. I’ll get back to you…that is my promise.

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