It’s been a minute since I’ve touched base.  There’s been a lot going on around us and so this week I’m getting real with you.

There aren’t any silly stories to try and highlight a point, only sincere thoughts from my heart about what has been happening in our world and what you can expect from me and everyone that is a part of Righter Professional Services. 

A lot of times, especially when things might get uncomfortable, I try to break the ice with a joke or a story that we can all relate to, but what is happening around us is no joking matter.  

There’s nothing to laugh about. 

Our country is not just built on racist systems, it has been built on the labor and lives of black people and our white supremist society just continues the oppression.  

And while I’ve had a multitude of feelings in the past few weeks, the feeling that I’m settling in right now is that of conviction fueled by anger that we cannot get our shit together as a country and because of that black people are losing their lives–(even since I originally typed this one more black man has lost his life)  

I’m convicted to assist in the dismantling of a system that oppresses and destroys lives. 

And while this email is NOT about me, I also know that the decisions I make and how I decide to use my business moving forward can help create forward momentum toward a more just and equitable society.  

The good news is that if you’re reading this, you’re also a business owner and you can also use your business to do the same.  AND…I hope you’ll join me in doing so. 

I want to let you know, explicitly and unequivocally, where I stand on what is happening in our country and to let you know what my plans are moving forward with my business.  

I believe: 

  1. Black Lives Matter. Just to be clear, what I mean by this is that the lives of people who are black are important and to be valued. Black people have experienced systematic oppression in America (and around the world) for centuries and it continues today. I believe in standing up to a racist system to help make change and I am following the lead of black educators and activists in what needs to be done and how to do it. 
  2. Business can be used for good. As business owners we are generating money.  You know what money is? It’s a resource that can make change. I believe in socially conscious entrepreneurship and using my business as a tool for change.
  3. Ongoing education is critical. I am committed to doing better for the long run, not just until the media buzz dies down. The only way we can help make change is to understand what is happening, why it is happening, and the best way to support the leaders of this movement (ie: not white people). We need to continue our education so that we do no harm while supporting this movement. 

So what does all of this look like, practically speaking? 

Glad you asked.  Here’s what’s happening on our end right now, with more updates to come.  

As the founder of Righter Professional Services, I’m committed to: 

  1. Supporting Black Owned Businesses. It is a financial goal for RPS that by the end of 2020 at least 30% of company purchases for products, services, coaching, etc, will come from black-owned businesses.
  2. An Equitable and Inclusive Workplace. We will be working with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) experts as we grow our team.  While we currently have a very small team, we will be expanding in the future. As this happens RPS is committed to diversity and inclusion in all areas of our business and developing a business model that respects and promotes justice.   
  3. Ongoing DEI and Anti-Racist Learning. We will not just be doing DEI work once and moving on. I’m committed to maintaining ongoing learning in this area for all at RPS.
  4. Contributing to Organizations that Support the Ongoing Work Toward Racial Justice. Currently, we are researching organizations that align with the values and goals of our company in promoting racial justice. In addition we are developing a budget that will allow for a graduated (and recurring) percentage of our profits to be donated to aligned organizations.  We want to make meaningful contributions and partnerships in this area and will continue to keep you updated as we make progress.  

Is this an exhaustive list of what needs to be done? Absolutely not. I realize that there is much more work that we can do as a company and that I can do individually. I commit to being open and honest as we move forward in this direction. 

I will probably make mistakes. And when I do, I’m committed to learning from them.  

What is your business doing?  

How will you be addressing the issues of racial injustice as you continue to work with clients and grow your business?  

If you’re not sure where to start I have a few resources to share that have been extremely helpful as I’ve begun my own learning. 

  1. Show Up and Serve: A Workshop for White Coaches hosted by Trudi Lebron.  You can grab the workshop HERE.
  2. Reimagining Small Business Townhall hosted by Rachel Rodgers.  This is totally free and you can catch the reply HERE.
  3. That’s Not How That Works Podcast with Trudi Lebron and Louiza “Weeze” Doran.  I suggest listening to Ep 82 in which Weeze and Trudi breakdown a 12 week listening guide filled with the fundamentals. You can check it out HERE
  4. Additional Resources. Here is a list of additional resources that I’ve put together for you. Please feel free to share this list with any and all white folks in your sphere who want to learn–business owners or not.  Please do NOT give me credit if you share. This is NOT my work, it is simply a list of the work of experts.  You can grab it right HERE

I’d love to know how you plan to move forward and use your business as a tool to fight systemic racism and racial injustice.

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