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Last week Jay and I got to go to a sit down restaurant for the first time in months.  

I was so excited to be out of the house and after eating pretty much the same thing (cooking is not my jam) for 3 months in a row I was so pumped to have different choices for dinner. 

I sat down and opened my menu

Then I turned the page…

6 times.  

The menu was literally 12 pages long (6 double sided pages) 

Now, what was supposed to be a fun experience of eating something new and delicious that I didn’t have to make turned into analysis paralysis…

Too many choices. 

  • Did I want pizza? 
  • But oh, the cobb salad looked good….
  • Wow…they serve a quinoa bowl here?  
  • Maybe I want a burger…

In the end, I told Jay to pick for me because I couldn’t make up my mind. 

You know the funny thing…

When I go to high end restaurants the whole menu is probably one double sided sheet that includes all appetizer, dinner, drink, and dessert options.  

At a high end restaurant the chef cooks delicious food that they specialize in.  Which is maybe 4-5 entrees seasonally.  

You don’t have a lot of choice, but you know what you choose will be exceptional.  

The whole process feels easier and more luxurious than going to a family style restaurant with 100 different food choices.  

My point…More does not equal better. 

The same concept is 100% true in your group program. 

You want to curate an exceptional experience. One where your client doesn’t need to guess at what to do next, where they are confident that you’ve got them covered, and where they leave satisfied with the result.  

I talked about this recently in THIS VIDEO where I break down: 

  • Three reasons why giving extra bonuses and more content is actually a huge disservice to your clients. 
  • Four ways to add more value to your program without all the extra content
  • How to move forward in creating a program that will deliver consistent kick-ass results without all the added work for you. 

You can catch the replay HERE

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