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So, I did a thing last week…

I went into a room that had a temperature of 105 degrees and 40% humidity…

And proceeded to contort my body into different positions…

Yes…I did hot yoga.  

I loved doing hot yoga many years ago, but then we bought our first house and we had to trim the budget and so….bye-bye yoga

BUT now, several years later, I remembered how much I’d loved it and decided to give it a go again.  

Here’s the thing about my last 6 years..

I’ve gained a not small amount of weight…

Stopped working out as much as I used to…

And because of these two things have a much different body shape than the first time I did hot yoga. 

me and my yoga mat

So, as you can imagine going back has been soooo good, but yes…uncomfortable. 

During class I was holding a position and it was particularly uncomfortable and I knew that something was off.  

Thankfully, the teacher came by and gave me a slight correction to make and– boom, just like that the pose felt good and, while not easy, manageable.  

Maybe this is how you’re feeling about your group program right now too…

You’re doing all the things you’ve heard should be done, and yet something still feels uncomfortable…  

…Just a little bit off 

If this is the case then you’ll want to check out THIS RECENT VIDEO where I break down: 

  • The four mistakes you might be making in your group coaching program
  • Four easy ways to tweak your program for optimal results
  • What to do if you need extra support

So, make sure to check it out.  It’s short and sweet and will give you ways to ensure your clients are getting the best possible results from your group program.  

Have questions? Hit reply or feel free to book a call with me right HERE.

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