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I was just reading an article about the 20 trends that will define 2020.

Here are just a few: 

  • Earthy Neutrals (hmmm…I question how this is a defining trend in 2020, but I’m no fashion expert) 
  • Mixed Gender Events in the Olympics (very cool–I like this)
  • Plant Based Meats Go Mainstream (though this seems oxymoronic “plant based meat” I’m still onboard as I’m trying to eat less meat in general) 
  • Explosion of Zero-Proof Drinks (I’m SO in on this–1 year sober for me on 7/15/20!)
  • Inclusive Kids Toys (HELL YES! And long overdue)
  • CBD Drinks (Tried it. My opinion: I paid $5.99 for a 12oz can of fizzy water–I’m out)
  • Streaming Revolution (Ummm…does cable even exist anymore?)

There’s one trend that I’ve been noticing a trend in the online community–especially since COVID hit that doesn’t show up on this list.

And I understand that people need to make $$, so I get it.

But this trend is actually pretty damaging to clients and it’s something that needs to stop. 

Here it is..the trend to end: 

All you need to do is create a pre-recorded online course that you can sell by the hundreds. 


No. Please don’t. 

Wondering why?  Check out THIS RECENT VIDEO for all the details. 

But, also don’t worry.  I’ve been doing some research this morning on instructional design and learning theory (some of my fav things) and it made me realize something that bothers me…

When people point out a problem with something and then don’t offer an alternative. 

So, no worries. Because, while I am pointing out a huge problem, I have the alternative.  

Instead of creating a pre-recorded online course that…

  • You sell low ticket and have to sell high volume
  • Most people buy and don’t even finish
  • You can’t possibly know is effective
  • Offers no ongoing support for your “students” (NOTE: When you sell a pre-recorded course your purchasers are not students or clients, they are customers.  Also NOTE: A massive “group coaching” call with thousands of people is NOT ongoing support). 
  • Leaves people floundering

Why don’t you create a live teaching experience that…

  • You can sell high ticket, low volume
  • Provides a high level of support so clients can make changes
  • You know gets results (because you can see what is actually happening for your clients in real time) 
  • Leaves people with incredible results 
  • Basically sells itself (ya’ know…because people talk about you and your program gets filled with referrals in future iterations)

If all this makes a lot of sense to you AND you know that the information you have in your pre-recorded online course could help people if they implemented what you’re teaching then I’m here to help out.  

You don’t need to scrap your idea, just give it a little tweak.   

Next week, on Friday, July 17, 2020 at 9amPST/12pm EST,  I’m offering a highly exclusive (no more than 5 people–selected by application only), live, and totally free workshop, Increase Your Impact and Income. 

In Increase Your Impact and Income you will 

  • Learn how adults take in, process and implement new information
  • Understand the flaws in current online teaching trends
  • Learn the 4 simple steps I use with my clients to help them create a program that delivers results.  

Increase Your Impact and Income will be taught live via Zoom and will include a Q&A time where you’ll be able to ask about your specific program. 

If you’re ready for this information and want to start making a bigger impact and income here’s how to get started: 

  1. Ensure that you can be live and present on Zoom on July 17th at 9am PST. (There is no replay or recording)
  2. Apply HERE
  3. If accepted you’ll be notified within 48 hours. Applications will be reviewed as they come in–so apply now if you’re interested.  

Let’s end the current trend of $$ over people (selling products that don’t serve) and put people first so that we can actually make more $$ (develop a program that gets great results). 

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