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Do you remember walking past the door of the teacher’s lounge as a kid wondering what went on in there? 

Well, as someone who got to be in the teacher’s lounge I can tell you, it really is a kind of magical place.  

It’s where us teachers would talk about how to better help students, vent frustrations and be there to support each other. 

We’d also swear, tell jokes, laugh our asses off, and make plans for after work.  

As an online teacher I’ve found other business owners who are (conveniently) also former teachers (shout out to my idea and accountability buddy Amy Isaman) to have these important conversations about program and curriculum development with (and also the swearing and laughing stuff).  

But here’s what I know: not everyone has a teacher in their back pocket to help them as they optimize and deliver their group programs.  

And that is just plain shitty. 

It can be lonely, confusing, overwhelming and frankly frustrating when you’re trying to plan and deliver content on your own.  

And no one should have to feel that way.  It’s hard enough being an online business owner and when you add being an online teacher to the mix as well…it can become unbearable at times. 

So…I’ve been wanting to create a space to fill this gap. 

A sort of online teachers lounge where all of us who are leading group programs can gather together and support each other, learn from each other, and connect. 

AND, most importantly, I wanted to create a place where I can serve you better.

Well…I promised you yesterday that something B.I.G. was coming today…

I am excited to invite you to my new Facebook community, Online Coaches Deliver Results.

Think of it like YOUR teacher’s lounge.  A safe place where you can ask questions, get support, laugh, and find community with amazing people who are also leading online group programs.  

I can’t wait to see you IN THE GROUP!

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