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I remember thinking “What in the actual f*ck did I sign up for?” 

OK…those weren’t my exact words probably because WTAF didn’t exist in 2007 and also I’m quite certain there was a lack of oxygen in my brain at this point which is why I don’t remember my *exact* thought.  

But the fact is that when you’re on mile 15 of a 26.2 mile run thoughts like WTAF go through your head. 

If they don’t I consider you a superhuman.  

The extra troubling part was that at this particular point in my first (and–let’s be real clear–only) marathon I was headed up yet another hill that would go around a small lake and then drop you down on the other side (of the road I was running on) where you run to the finish line…it was just 11.2 more miles to go. 

SO…as I was running up this hill I saw all the fast people running down and crossing the finish line which happened to be almost directly beside me.  

AND…I knew that I still had over 11 miles left before I could be in the same spot. 

So, yes…”What in the actual f*ck did I sign up for?”  seems about right.

I’ve done a lot of hard shit in my life

  • battled infertility
  • taught in a public school classroom (this is no joke)
  • sat in the home of people high on meth trying to teach them how to care for their children while they scream obscenities in my face (social workers…deserve WAY.MORE.MONEY.) 

The list could go on, but the hardest thing, BY FAR, that I’ve ever had to do was finish that last 11.2 miles.  

The thing about running a marathon is that, sure it is physically hard, but what’s most challenging is getting out of your head. 

Your body can do amazingly hard things.  IF your mind cooperates. 

I wanted to give up. 

My knee was killing me, as it had for the last two months of training and I didn’t think I could get up that hill. 

So, I stopped and got my pain killer from the med tent for my knee, got some water, and God sent me an angel…

I have no idea who this woman was, but she is the reason that I got up that hill.  

I knew *what*  to do. Put one foot in front of the other. It’s not rocket science. 

But the reason that I was able to do that is because a nice woman saw the fact that I was about to throw in the towel and said, “Do you want to get up this hill together?” 

So we did.  

While we said very few words, she asked me what was causing me pain (having seen me just down pain killers) and I told her about my knee. She gave me some tips about *how* to run up and down hills with better form to ease the pain for the rest of the race. 

And then, we got up that hill right next to each other. 

At the top she wished me luck and ran on ahead.  She sacrificed her time (a pretty big thing to most runners) to help me get up that hill. She knew that I needed some extra support and a strategy for *how* to finish my race.  

And THAT is what people need to get hard stuff done. 

  • They need someone to be with them when it gets real. 
  • They need someone who has done the thing a time or two. 
  • They need a person who knows the *how* to get where they want to go. 

And THAT is what people need from you in your group coaching program.  

They need you to be the person to…

  • Offer the personalized tip when the tried and true strategies aren’t working.
  • Walk next to them as they do something life changing.
  • Use your expertise and experience to make this hard thing do-able.
  • Show them the *how* (side note: they already know the *what*) 

The truth is that people buy your program not because they don’t know what to do…it’s because they’re not quite sure how and they need your support.   

The role you have as a teacher in your program is not to be underestimated.  You make a huge difference, but at times it can also seem overwhelming. 

I know because not only do I work with coaches and experts just like you everyday, but I also taught for a decade. 

The good news? 

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I can run with you as you get up the huge hill of delivering amazing results to the clients in your group program.  

I have the tips to help you put one foot in front of the other as you 

  • Figure out exactly what your unique way is (developing your *how*)
  • Decide what needs to be taught and what will be a distraction
  • Learn how to deliver your content in a way that reaches all learners and engages them
  • Support your clients in taking action and moving forward

If you’re looking for support in getting more of the clients in your group program better results join us over in the Online Coaches Deliver Results Group  In the group you’ll get access to exclusive trainings, monthly Q&A sessions, and a community of online coaches and experts all focused on helping their clients get amazing results. 

You’ll also probably hear me tell some lame jokes (that I think are funny) and share some Schitt’s Creek and Gilmore Girls gifs… these are the real highlights you know.

race finish picture
P.S. I finished that race in exactly 5 hours and 7min.

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