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Have I lost you yet?  


I’m glad I didn’t

But seriously–What the hell am I talking about? 

Great question.  

The list above is filled with tools to help me get from Portland, OR to New York, NY….

Hang with me a minute…

This week I’ve talked with multiple program leaders who, when asked what their program promise is, begin listing off strategies or tools that they use when working with clients (their equivalent of Plane. Train. Car).  

BUT…that is not a program promise (which in this case would be ending up in New York, NY).  

So, what’s the difference? 

A program promise is *what* you’re going to deliver them to. 

A tool or strategy is *how* you get them to the program promise. 

Both are critical to creating a program that delivers results.  

But getting crystal clear on your program promise must come first.

You can’t decide how until you know what. 

So, I created a video for you over in the Online Coaches Deliver Results Facebook group explaining how to develop, refine, and optimize your program promise and why this is so critical to your clients’ success. You can check out the video HERE.  (If you’re not in the group make sure you join so you can check it out).  

I’d love to know…

What is your program promise? 

What was your biggest take-away from the video?

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