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Do you remember August 2020? 

I sure don’t. 

I was so busy trying to do ALL.THE.THINGS. that the month sped by and left me wondering..

“What the hell just happened?”  

Well…here’s what happened: 

  1. I lost focus
  2. I forgot that doing everything leads to nothing

Perhaps this is the time that I will learn these lessons for good (let’s keep our fingers crossed). 

I know I’m not alone in this…

Getting really excited about something and wanting to do anything and everything to get it. 

So, you start throwing spaghetti at the wall instead of looking at what is essential and intentionally doing only that. 

It happens more often than we’d like probably…

This habit also rears it’s ugly head when we’re planning out our high end programs. 

We get really excited about helping our clients get amazing results and start throwing everything we can think of at them.  

You know…

  • Designing approximately 57 modules of content
  • Finding around 23 guest experts
  • Offering about 39 bonuses

And then wondering why the hell results aren’t flowing for our clients.  

Here’s where the breakdown happens…

We want to deliver kick-ass results, make a big impact, and charge high-end for our programs.  

And we believe that in order to do this we need to give *more*

But this is faulty logic. 

Instead of giving more stuff (information, guest experts, bonus trainings)

We need to give the *right stuff* 

The essential, critical things that will lead clients to results and help them stay focused.  

So, next time you decide you want to start bonus stuffing or calling in all your pals to be a guest expert…


Then, ask yourself this question: 

“Is this (bonus, expert, module) essential for my clients to know to get the results I’ve promised them in my program?” 

If the answer is yes…do it. 

If the answer is no…leave it out. 

Anything that is not essential is a distraction and as I just re-learned in the month of August and what we all need to remember is…

Focused action leads to results 


Split attention leads to doing a lot and getting nowhere

I’d love to know…

What will you be taking focused action toward in your business this month? 


What focused action will you be leading the clients in your high-end program to this month?

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