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“What is this?” 

I collected the things that my husband had literally just thrown at me as I was sitting on the couch…

Hundred dollar bills. 

Yes…that’s right, my husband threw a pile of $100 bills all over me. 

Best. Shower. Ever. 

He thought it would be funny to surprise me with his work bonus by throwing it at me. 

He was right. 

And…as I collected those bills I thought about how much money an online business has the capacity to bring in vs. a 9-5. 

Here’s what stuck out to me as I was collecting those hundys….

Fact: $10K in revenue is not that much money

Let me break it down: 

Bring in revenue (yay) → Pay the team → Pay the business bills → Pay for health insurance → Pay taxes → See profit (hmmm)

So…if you’re bringing in 10K per month in revenue (which seems great)… 

You’re probably only seeing around 5K of that in your bank account (maybe less depending on expenses/taxes/health insurance costs) 

So that ends up being 5K per month or about $60K per year. 

Translation: Not that much. 

Listen….I didn’t go into business to make the same as I would at a 9-5.  

I went into business to make life changing kinds of money. 

The kind of money that allows me to do what I want when I want and to contribute to causes that are important to me. 

If I wanted the same amount of money as a 9-5 I would have stuck with the 9-5…it’s a LOT easier. 

And my guess is that at least part of why you went into business was for financial freedom as well. 

And if that’s the case here is the hard truth…

You likely need to be charging more $$. 

Here’s my formula for financial freedom: deliver amazing results and charge accordingly. 

Let’s stop with the $300 course bullshit. 

I’m over it. 

Put together a program that delivers life changing results, charge what it’s worth and have some financial freedom. 

If you’re not sure how to put together the high end group program that allows you to charge higher rates then let’s chat. 

In the meantime, I’d love to know…

What is your current yearly revenue and profit goal and what are you currently charging for your program?

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