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“This might be the thing that breaks me.”  

That was a thought running through my head last week. 

Because now, just to make 2020 an even bigger cluster, here’s what’s happening: 

The entire west coast, including my state of Oregon, has been burning for weeks on end.  

Everytime I walk out the door it’s like I just smoked three packs of cigarettes all at once (the air quality has been either hazardous or extremely unhealthy for days on end) 

Last week I was primed to break. 

The weight of everything that has been happening this year combined with… 

  • Toxic wildfire smoke…
  • Feeling suffocated (you seriously can’t see more than ½ mile away in any direction)…
  • Not seeing the sun…
  • My son’s asthma (did I mention he’s also a high-energy toddler who is now unable to go outside)…
  • Seeing many friends and former students and their families evacuated from their homes…
  • Watching people in my state as they lose everything they have…

It all just about pushed me over the edge. 

I mean seriously, what in the actual f**k 2020? 

Thankfully, this week, I’m feeling much better and more prepared to deal with the shit show we find ourselves in.


What helped? 

My friends. 

And do you want to know where I’ve met some of my closest friends? 

In online group programs–that’s where. 

And that’s why helping build community within your groups is essential. 

The groups that you put together have the ability to spark life-long friendships 

Friendships that last far beyond the 6 or 12 months of your group program. 

Friendships that help people do life

Friendships that get people through hard times.  

Isn’t that beautiful? 

It is a wonderful gift to your clients when you choose to take the time and effort to build the sort of community that nourishes relationships. 

Want to bring the community in your group to the next level and not quite sure where to start? Check out THIS FREE WORKSHOP to help you get started.  

So, let me know…what is one thing you’ll be doing this week to nourish the community in your group program?

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