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I spent the weekend Marie Kondo-ing my closet.  

I didn’t even have to ask “Does this bring me joy?” for most of the stuff in there

Because it either didn’t fit or I didn’t like it anymore.  

As it turns out I didn’t need a bigger closet (as I had been saying) 

I just needed to clear out the clothes that didn’t fit (literally or figuratively)

So (pinkie promise), I’ve made the commitment to only put clothes that fit my style and my body in my closet.  

And you know…your group program is quite similar to my closet… 

There is limited space, not endless capacity. 

And this is exactly why you need to make the same commitment to filling your group program that I’m making to filling my closet… 

Only fill it with good fits.  

Good fitting clothes in your closet

And good fitting clients in your program. 

It’s extremely important and will actually make your life approximately 1 million times easier to be particular about who you allow into your group program space.  

For more information about how to do this check out THIS VIDEO that I recorded inside the Online Experts Deliver Results Facebook group last week.  In this video you’ll learn: 

  • Why we need to ensure all clients we enroll into our programs are a good fit
  • How to determine what makes a client a good fit
  • What to do if a client is not a good fit right now

So, check out the video and then hit me back with a reply.  I’d love to know what your program promise is, and what makes someone a good fit for your program. 

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