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Episode 11: How to Stop Doing and Start Being

How to Stop Doing and Start Being blog cover

The burnout and overwhelm from constantly doing, doing, doing can be too much. I had been feeling this recently and decided to start being instead of doing. Today, I want to share my top 7 ways to enter into a state of being and receivership. In this episode, I talk about How I realized I…

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Episode 08: 4 Reasons Your Clients Aren’t Taking Action

Episode 8: 4 Reasons Your Clients Aren't Taking Action Blog Cover

If you’ve found yourself frustrated with clients who aren’t getting results because they aren’t taking action, you NEED to learn about these 4 reasons for their inaction and how to help them move forward so that they (and you!) can get awesome results.  This episode is for you if you want to learn The ONLY…

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Is Balance Possible as a Leader?

Is Balance Possible as a Leader? cover image

Is balance really possible? There is a lot of debate around whether you can have balance in your life and work, especially as an entrepreneur. I say it is possible, but not in the way some people might think. In today’s episode, I’m sharing The common meanings of balance, and which one I feel fits…

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