MMI 03: Is Balance Possible?

Episode-3 Is balance possible

Is balance really possible? There is a lot of debate around whether you can have balance in your life and work, especially as a mom entrepreneur. I say it is possible, but not in the way some people might think. In today’s episode, I’m sharing: The common meanings of balance, and which one I feel…

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MMI 01: Welcome to the Podcast

Welcome to the pilot episode of the Moms Making an Impact Podcast! If you are a mom who craves or already has something that’s in between a 9-5 and being a homemaker — a business from home that sets your soul on fire — you’re in the right place. This is a podcast for mompreneurs–just…

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Meet Tamara Bennett-Featured Mom Boss

I had the extreme pleasure of meeing Tamara and her family when we were putting together Logan’s nursery.  We had been exploring nursery furniture at stores (yikes! Expensive) and then we saw on our neighborhood buy/sell page that someone was selling a whole nursery furniture set.  That person ended up being Tamara.  And…she lives just…

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Three Reasons to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business Three Reasons it Will help your business blog cover

So, a few days ago I was doing some research on how to promote a new challenge I have coming up (details to come in a few days:)) and I fell into the Facebook trap.  Now, there is nothing wrong with Facebook, but it is NOT the only way to get the message out for…

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Become a “Featured Mom Boss”

Calling All Mom Bosses Gain Free Exposure for Your Business Blog Cover

I have exciting news Mom Bosses! Starting the week after Thanksgiving, I will be highlighting one mom boss per week on my blog as a “Featured Mom Boss”. The post will be all about one mom boss and her business. My goal is to promote mom owned businesses and help my tribe gain exposure for their…

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Achieve More as a Mom Boss by Setting Daily Goals

One of the greatest experiences of my life has been training for and running a full marathon-yes 26.2 miles. In a row. All at once.  While most people would sign up for a 5k or 10k prior to running a marathon, I did not. That’s right, the first race I ever ran was a marathon. …

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Habit Development for Mom Bosses

I’ve been thinking a lot about habit development lately.  Habits can be good or bad, can help or hinder our efforts.  As a mom boss, developing good habits can help push your business forward, make your days go more smoothly, and maybe (hopefully) even rub off on those little ones that are hanging around when…

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