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Blog Cover Image: How to create a space to increase your productivity

How to Create a Space to Increase Your Productivity

By Cassie Righter | Feb 12, 2019

Here’s a glimpse at my life about 9 months ago…   I need to get some work done, so I go sit down at my desk, which is in the loft area of our home.  I start to get going and realize that I’ve left my notebook downstairs, where I was working during nap time,…

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How to define the essential to increase productivity

How to Define the Essential to Increase Productivity

By Cassie Righter | Feb 7, 2019

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You make your to do list for the day and as you’re looking at it you realize you have 24 million things to do.  You start feeling overwhelmed, maybe a bit of anxiety kicks in.  You decide to just start doing things.  The end of the day comes and…

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5 Essential Mindset Shifts to Increase Productivity

Five Essential Mindset Shifts for Increased Productivity

By Cassie Righter | Feb 3, 2019

I’m the type of person who is a go-getter.  I see something I want and I make a plan to get it.  I typically achieve the goals I set for myself because I’m excellent at making plans and sticking to my commitments.  (If you feel like you need help with this—grab my Goal Setting Package,…

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Stop the Hustle How Hustling Steals your Joy

5 Ways to Stop Hustling and Find Joy in Your Business

By Cassie Righter | Jan 24, 2019

I swear to you…if I hear one. more. thing. about hustling in my business I am just going to snap. OK.  I might not snap, but really…it’s getting old.  Mama…what does hustle even mean?  Has anyone stopped to look at the actual definition recently…well, I did and here’s what it means:  These definitions came straight…

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Incorporating Self-Care to Increase Productivity

By Cassie Righter | Jan 17, 2019

Self-care has become the hot topic these days.  You can’t walk around the block (literally or virtually) without having someone tell you about how they practice self-care or telling you exactly what you need to do to practice self-care.    My favorite is when I tell someone about something that has just happened and they…

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Set Goals with Intentions Blog Cover

Increase Your Productivity by Setting Goals With Intention

By Cassie Righter | Jan 11, 2019

Raise your hand if you set a New Year’s resolution this year.  Have you ever set a New Year’s resolution in the past?  If you have it is probably NOT shocking to you that nearly 80% of New Year’s resolutions set never come to fruition. And there are reasons why… Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t…

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Making Your Goals Priority All Year Long-Not Just January Blog

Stay Focused On Your Goals-4 Tips to Succeed in 2019

By Cassie Righter | Jan 1, 2019

The first day of the new year always finds me filled with hope and excitement.  I take time to write down my goals for the year and to share those with others close to me.  Jay and I talk about goals we have for our family and what we want to accomplish during the year.  It…

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Tiffany Thoen Featured Mom Boss Blog Photo

Meet Tiffany Thoen-Featured Mom Boss

By Cassie Righter | Dec 27, 2018

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Tiffany over the last year.  Not only am I a HUGE fan of her as a person, but of her business and message as well.  It has been so awesome to see Tiffany’s business grow and evolve over the past year.   Tiffany’s message for women…

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Allie Martinez Featured Mom Boss Blog Cover

Meet Allie Martinez-Featured Mom Boss

By Cassie Righter | Dec 19, 2018

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Allie over the last month and felt that it was absolutely necessary to highlight her here as a Featured Mom Boss.  Not only was Allie named the “Best Hair Stylist in Portland” by Willamette Weekly, she is a humble,driven, and big hearted woman.  I love chatting…

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