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Creating great pin descriptions is essential for searchable content on Pinterest. Check out this article for 6 tips to writing effective pin descriptions that make your pins stand out. #pindescriptions #pinteresttips

Writing Effective Pin Descriptions-Why It’s So Important!

By Cassie Righter | Dec 10, 2018

So, you’re on board…ready to ride that Pinterest train all the way to the bank. Great!  Let’s talk about pin descriptions. In the last few weeks I’ve been messing with my pin descriptions to see what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’ve also been doing some research on what makes a pin description effective…

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Meet Tamara Bennett-Featured Mom Boss

By Cassie Righter | Dec 3, 2018

I had the extreme pleasure of meeing Tamara and her family when we were putting together Logan’s nursery.  We had been exploring nursery furniture at stores (yikes! Expensive) and then we saw on our neighborhood buy/sell page that someone was selling a whole nursery furniture set.  That person ended up being Tamara.  And…she lives just…

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Pinterest for Business Three Reasons it Will help your business blog cover

Three Reasons to Use Pinterest for Business

By Cassie Righter | Dec 3, 2018

So, a few days ago I was doing some research on how to promote a new challenge I have coming up (details to come in a few days:)) and I fell into the Facebook trap.  Now, there is nothing wrong with Facebook, but it is NOT the only way to get the message out for…

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Meet Julie Slaikjer: Featured Mom Boss

By Cassie Righter | Nov 26, 2018

I have had the pleasure of meeting Julie through our Moms of Business online networking group (Check it out HERE).  I love how Julie helps other small business owners and also shares my passion for planning and staying organized. A couple of weeks ago I wrote THIS blog post about bullet journaling and I love…

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Growing Your Email List Why iIts Important and How to do it blog cover

Growing Your Email List- Why It’s Important & How to Do It

By Cassie Righter | Nov 25, 2018

Imagine for a moment that Facebook and Instagram shut their doors and all your social media contacts were gone in an instant. OK, I don’t want to give you a heart attack here, this is NOT very likely, but it could happen. What would you do? How would you continue to communicate with your audience?…

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Calling All Mom Bosses Gain Free Exposure for Your Business Blog Cover

Become a “Featured Mom Boss”

By Cassie Righter | Nov 20, 2018

I have exciting news Mom Bosses! Starting the week after Thanksgiving, I will be highlighting one mom boss per week on my blog as a “Featured Mom Boss”. The post will be all about one mom boss and her business. My goal is to promote mom owned businesses and help my tribe gain exposure for their…

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Change Your Perspective Four Mindset Shifts for Success in Business Blog Cover

Four Mindset Shifts for Success

By Cassie Righter | Nov 18, 2018

Being a business owner is hard work for sure.  Really, what I’ve found is that everything  worthwhile is difficult to some degree. All great things in my life has required me to dig deep. That’s why, in order to be successful as a business owner it is really helpful to develop mindsets that allow you…

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Blog Graphic How to Use Your Phone and a Bullet Journal to Organize Your Life

How to Use a Phone and Journal to Organize Your Life

By Cassie Righter | Nov 11, 2018

A secret about me: I am a planner addict. What about you? How many different planners have your tried to organize your life? Personally, let me count the ways: Erin Condren, Passion Planner, Day Timer, Panda Planner, and Plum Planner among many unknowns from Target and Office Depot. My favorite of all these has been…

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Make Time for Reflection

By Cassie Righter | Oct 4, 2018

In my former life, prior to owning two businesses, I was a classroom teacher. You may or may not realize that teachers spend a TON of time writing goals for themselves and their students and regularly reflect on those goals.  So, to me reflection, the topic of this week’s blog post, was natural.  The Goal…

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