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Episode 11: How to Stop Doing and Start Being

How to Stop Doing and Start Being blog cover

The burnout and overwhelm from constantly doing, doing, doing can be too much. I had been feeling this recently and decided to start being instead of doing. Today, I want to share my top 7 ways to enter into a state of being and receivership. In this episode, I talk about How I realized I…

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MMI 21: The Last Episode and the New Podcast

The Last Episode and the New Podcast Cover Image

This the last episode of the Moms Making an Impact Podcast, but don’t fret, I’ve got BIG things in store for the next chapter and a new Podcast.  Here’s what’s coming Have you experienced this? A lot of people talking AT you, and not a lot else? Yea, I hear that a lot, so I’ve…

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5 Ways to Stop Hustling and Find Joy in Your Business

Stop the Hustle How Hustling Steals your Joy

I swear to you…if I hear one. more. thing. about hustling in my business I am just going to snap. OK.  I might not snap, but really…it’s getting old.  Mama…what does hustle even mean?  Has anyone stopped to look at the actual definition recently…well, I did and here’s what it means:  These definitions came straight…

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Writing Effective Pin Descriptions-Why It’s So Important!

Creating great pin descriptions is essential for searchable content on Pinterest. Check out this article for 6 tips to writing effective pin descriptions that make your pins stand out. #pindescriptions #pinteresttips

So, you’re on board…ready to ride that Pinterest train all the way to the bank. Great!  Let’s talk about pin descriptions. In the last few weeks I’ve been messing with my pin descriptions to see what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’ve also been doing some research on what makes a pin description effective…

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