Creating great pin descriptions is essential for searchable content on Pinterest. Check out this article for 6 tips to writing effective pin descriptions that make your pins stand out. #pindescriptions #pinteresttips

Get More Website Traffic NOW!

Are you sick of paying for Facebook Ads that gain little to no traction?

Are you ready to grow your website traffic so you can convert viewers to clients?  

Are you putting out content that no one is seeing?

It is frustrating to work so hard on your business to have no one see the value that you're providing.  If you're ready to be seen and grow your business I have the answer for you: PINTEREST!

That's right, Pinterest is not just for recipes and DIY.  Pinterest is a valuable tool for growing your audience as a business owner.  Why? Pinterest is a search engine.  People go to Pinterest searching for information.  Information that you have to provide and when you have your content pinned, you'll start showing up when potential clients are searching for the content you're already providing!

My clients have seen the following results once they started to build their Pinterest business profile:

  • Increased Website Traffic-with some clients seeing over 90% of their traffic coming from Pinterest!
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Reach
  • Increased Interaction with Content
  • Increased Email Subscribers

You can do it too! When you enroll in Pin Your Biz you'll spend a fraction of the price you'd pay on one Facebook Ad and see results that will blow your mind!

Pin Your Biz Modules

Pin Your Biz consists of 8 modules designed to take you from pre-account set-up all the way through ongoing maintenance.


Module 1: Pre-Account Set-Up Check- This module includes a broad overview of what to expect from your Pinterest account, how your website is used with Pinterest, defining your brand, and identifying your ideal client.

Module 2: Account Set- Up and Profile Optimization- This module takes you through how to set up your Pinterest business account and/or how to switch a personal account to a business account without losing your personal pins.  Module 2 also covers how to optimize your profile settings.

Module 3: SEO and Pinterest- In module 3 Participants will learn how to use SEO with Pinterest to make their profile, boards, and pins more visible to pinners searching for content.

Module 4: Graphic Design for Pinterest- Module 4 covers how to create Pin Templates, Board Covers, and Blog Post Templates using free online software. Participants will learn the mechanics of creating the graphics as well as what is included in well-performing pins.

Module 5: Adding Boards- In Module 5 Participants learn what types of boards to add to their business account, how to add boards on Pinterest, and what a good board description includes.

Module 6: Adding Pins- Module 6 covers the mechanics of adding a pin and how to write effective pin descriptions so people see your pins when searching.

Module 7: Content Considerations- In Module 7 Participants will learn what items to include in their content so that perspective clients have direction when reaching a website from Pinterest.

Module 8: Ongoing Maintenance- In the final module of Pin Your Biz course participants will learn how to make the most of their new Pinterest account by completing regular monthly, weekly, and daily tasks.

Pin Your Biz consists of 8 modules designed to take you from pre-account set-up all the way through ongoing maintenance.

Once you've completed the course you'll receive lifetime access so you can revisit modules in the future. 

Pin Your Biz FAQs

Who is this course designed for? Pin Your Biz is designed for you if you have a product or service to sell.  Period.  Pinterest can help increase your website traffic.  With more visitors your content is visible to more people, increasing your ability to build your client base.

What if I have a Business Account already and just want to modify it? This course will give you all the information you need to clean up your current business account and optimize it so you gain more followers and increased website traffic.

I'm NOT tech savvy and I don't understand Pinterest.  Can I make it through?  For sure! You will receive step-by-step instructions along with individualized support and group coaching weekly.  We will make sure you get your account optimized so you can start growing your website traffic.

Coach Tiffany, RN

Within 4 weeks of launching her Pinterest Business account Coach Tiffany grew from 212 monthly followers to 100K followers. In addition, her website traffic has tripled since the launch of her Pinterest account.

Lisa Komer

In just a few months Lisa increased her web traffic with the number one source of traffic from Pinterest and hit 1 MILLION monthly viewers on Pinterest!


I've worked with Cassie from the start of my Pinterest account and a few months since, I feel like Pinterest is naturally doing work FOR MY BUSINESS. I have generated over $1000 in revenue from Pinterest traffic in the past month, and have not had to write any new copy or create any new work for myself. I went from 0 monthly views to over 170,000 monthly views in 6 weeks. 

- Brittney Stefanic

I just wanted to go on record as saying that, if you need to use Pinterest for your business and you ever get he chance to learn from Cassie Righter, take that chance.  My Pinterest has been fully set up for one week and just in that time I'm up to almost 13K monthly viewers, with Pinterest accounting for 21% of my website traffic.  TWENTY.ONE.PERCENT. This was all just in the last week.  It definitely takes effort and focus, but it's worth it, and Cassie knows her stuff. Just wanted everyone to know in case they've been thinking of starting down that route.

                                         -Arianna Bradford